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Lyndie Greenwood


(Nikita, Sleepy Hollow, Flint)

"I love taping at Actor’s Arsenal! Allie and Ron are both actors themselves, and make fantastic readers. I’ve had the pleasure of taping with Megan too, who is also an actor and great to work with. The lighting is always beautiful and the sound is flawless. Couldn’t ask for anything more!"


Zeeko Zaki


(f.b.i, valor, ncis, 24 legacy, six)

"since starting with actor's arsenal, I've never been more confident in my craft. they focus on the audition process, which is so important because without it there is no work. Allie & Ron give their actors the tools to make their auditions the best they can be! when i played sports in school, my coaches would always say, "you must practice with as much intensity as you play with on game day" and that is exactly how Allie & Ron teach. this industry is war and i would never go to war without an army, actor's arsenal is my army. "


Eddie Cahill


(Miracle, Friends, CSI:NY)

"These guys are pros! I cannot understate how valuable it was to have professional actors to work with me on taping auditions.  Ron and Allie are also very nice people.  Thanks guys.  I look forward to our paths crossing again."


Gia Mantegna


(The Middle, Under the Dome, Criminal Minds)

"the thought of putting yourself on tape for an audition can be stressful, but actor's arsenal makes it downright enjoyable. not only was Ron professional and kind, he really helped me work the scene beyond the words on the page. he gave me multiple takes, honest critique, and valuable direction. hard to come by in the self tape world. If i lived in the southeast i wouldn't go anywhere else."


Ivo Nandi


(Boardwalk Empire, Water for Elephants, A Cure for Wellness, Sons of Anarchy)

"Ronnie & Allie were instrumental in the process of building my career! their amazing professionalism, kindness and individual approach to every actor's needs makes them essential in the preparation and the progress of everyone who is pursuing an acting career in tv or film. I am forever grateful to them."


Jane McNeill


(Ozark, The Walking Dead, Hap and Leonard,The Highwaymen )

"If you want to be a working actor, your audition has to kick ass.  Your homework with the script and on your character is really just the beginning and it won’t show if your lighting is off, or if your reader is bad, or you can’t be heard, or it doesn’t get in on time.  When I walk into Actor’s Arsenal, I let all of those worries go and focus on the scene(s).  Ron, Allie and Megan provide such a positive, professional and stress free environment that I feel more confidant than I ever have about my work.  I trust them and it makes my job of getting the job so much easier.."

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